Our Team

Art Ang

Managing Director

With over 14 years of construction experience, my passion for the industry started during my school years and led me to pursue a career in this field. I have a deep understanding of project planning, budget control, and quality assurance, ensuring high-quality project delivery. 

As a leader, I motivate teams to boost productivity and solve challenges promptly, meeting client expectations. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and I value collaboration to achieve the best outcomes. I stay updated on innovations to contribute to the company’s development and excel in the construction field.

Angus Tong

Chief Finacial Officer

I am a passionate individual with a childhood love for building and construction. As a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, I excelled in financial management during five years in public practice. 

Driven by my passion, I transitioned to the construction industry, Now, I combine financial expertise with innate affinity for building to ensure well-planned projects that align with the client’s vision and budget. 

With a solid understanding of construction dynamics, I collaborate with teams to optimise project performance and drive growth. I aspire to make a lasting impact on the landscape of remarkable achievements, fueled by dedication to excellence.

John Zhang

general manager

I was first introduced to the construction industry in New Zealand through part-time carpentry work during my university days. Participating in the construction of the first house I ever worked on was a rewarding experience, and the trust and appreciation from clients made me even more passionate about this field. After graduating, I decided to pursue a career as a project manager, and I’ve been dedicated to it ever since. 

As the General Manager of Scorpio Construction Ltd., I bring with me 10 years of valuable experience in the industry. I have led teams to successfully complete numerous award-winning projects in New Zealand. I firmly believe that patience, professional expertise, and excellent communication are essential for achieving project success.

Uno Liu

project manager

Experienced Construction Project Manager in New Zealand, skilled in managing diverse projects, including townhouses, single family homes, and subdivisions. Holding NZ LBP site 2 certification, I excel in the latest industry standards and practices.

With a top-tier construction management degree, my academic background complements practical expertise. Renowned for unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail, I ensure high-quality outcomes.

Thriving in dynamic environments, I focus on seamless coordination and efficient execution. Let’s collaborate to turn your vision into remarkable construction achievements.

Andrew Yuan


As a passionate construction professional with a wealth of experience, I hold a Bachelor’s degree and excel in project management. Throughout my career, I have successfully overseen and actively contributed to a wide range of large-scale construction projects, with a strong focus on residential building. 

As a skilled Project Manager, I am committed to optimizing resource allocation, maintaining high-quality standards, and ensuring the smooth progression of projects, while prioritizing safety and compliance at every step. My ultimate goal is to deliver exceptional projects that make a lasting impact on the built environment.